Corporate Social Responsibility

Taylor Project Services LLP (TPS) has a socially responsible approach to all aspects of its operations and the impact that these may have on the environment. TPS are committed to acting responsibly in relation to all aspects of the environment.

TPS have focused on and achieved much higher levels of recycling, reduced energy usage through improved management and use of low energy products with a focus on reducing print and toner usage throughout the organisation. Our commitment to sustainability is communicated to staff at all levels and on a regular basis.

Health and safety management
Health and Safety is the key to all business. TPS ensure the safety of all staff as top priority ensuring time and money is invested both in terms of education and ensuring changes to legislation are constantly monitored.

TPS undertake regular communications through staff briefings and team meeting. Identifying and providing the right training and development programs to meet an individuals needs, operating an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment promoting a business ethos that is both challenging and rewarding.

TPS actively promotes its role within the wider community, encouraging staff participation in events and supporting a number of different schemes and charitable organisations. In particular recycling computer equipment and unwanted office furniture.

Matt Gray B.Eng (Hons)
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